Mobile App Web Development February 16, 2024


The online store offers a large selection of food and pet supplies for pets.


Create a strong brand identity for the zoo store that translates seamlessly into a user-friendly, engaging mobile app designed to drive online and in-store purchases.

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Open Project

Mobile App Design & Development

Intuitive UI/UX: A focus on simplicity and ease of navigation for users of all ages.

Zoo Integration: Highlight maps, animal information, and special event schedules from the main zoo website within the app.

Product Showcase: High-quality product images and descriptions. Smooth purchase and checkout process.


Brand Development

In-depth Consultation: Thoroughly understand the zoo’s mission, values, and target audience.

Name & Logo: Develop a memorable name (Finkosmos!) and logo that aligns with the zoo’s existing branding and appeals to animal lovers.

Brand Style Guide: A comprehensive guide outlining the colors, fonts, imagery, and tone of voice for Finkosmos.


Unique elements

Logo: We’ll develop several concepts inspired by financial symbolism, modern design trends, and the Finkosmos brand personality. Color psychology will be key to conveying the right message.

Style Guide: We’ll define a typographic hierarchy, a primary and secondary color scheme, and a set of brand patterns/elements to ensure consistency.

Incorporate fun quizzes and challenges about the zoo’s animals, unlocking discounts or special offers within the app.

Allow users to point their camera at zoo exhibits and overlay information about the animals they see. 

A section where users can digitally “adopt” an animal, receiving updates and exclusive content while supporting the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Mobile App Development

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