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Deep discovery – we start with a thorough questionnaire and interview sessions to understand Finkosmos’s vision, market positioning, and ideal customer persona. We conduct competitor analysis to identify gaps and differentiation opportunities.


Finkosmos, a newly launched fintech startup aiming to disrupt the personal finance management space. We need your help establishing a powerful brand identity that will resonate with our target audience: young professionals seeking a user-friendly, innovative way to manage their money.

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    Brand Strategy, Design Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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    brand, design, site

Open Project

Brand Style Guide

A visually striking and memorable logo that embodies core values (simplicity, trustworthiness, growth). Brand style guide: typography, color palette, and overall visual language that can be applied across all our assets.


Web Design

A clean, intuitive website design that emphasizes ease of use and highlights our key features. Our focus was on a seamless user experience. Clear navigation, compelling visuals, and informative but approachable copy are non-negotiable.

Strategic Design

Logo: We’ll develop several concepts inspired by financial symbolism, modern design trends, and the Finkosmos brand personality. Color psychology will be key to conveying the right message.

Style Guide: We’ll define a typographic hierarchy, a primary and secondary color scheme, and a set of brand patterns/elements to ensure consistency.

Gamification Elements: To appeal to the young professional demographic, we could introduce subtle gamification elements (progress bars, badges, etc.) within the website’s UI to make the experience more engaging.

Personalized Finance “Mascot”: We could develop a friendly mascot character to guide users through the onboarding process and provide tips, injecting personality and setting Finkosmos apart.

Website & Mobile App Design

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