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For Android and iOS. A user-friendly, intuitive medical application that will help you connect quickly with your doctor.

Need a user-friendly, intuitive medical application that helps patients connect quickly and securely with their doctors. The platform should facilitate easy appointment scheduling, virtual consultations, and streamlined communication between patients and healthcare providers.

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How we make DobroDoc unique

Focus on Accessibility: Design with a wide range of users in mind, including the elderly or those with limited tech fluency. Provide voice commands, large fonts, and assistive technologies as options.

AI-Powered Symptom Checker: Integrate a symptom checker to offer possible causes and guide users toward appropriate care (not as a diagnosis tool, but for triage).



Multi-Language Support: Serve a wider population by making the app/website available in multiple languages, particularly those relevant to your region.

Integration with Health Trackers: Allow users to sync data from wearables or other health apps to provide doctors with more holistic insights.


Strategic Design

Specialist Network: Emphasize building a network of doctors with diverse specializations, making it easier for users to find the exact care they need.

Mental Health Support: Offer virtual counseling sessions or connections to support groups alongside traditional medical care.

Our Promise

We believe everyone deserves convenient access to quality healthcare. DobroDoc is our commitment to making that a reality.

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